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Private patient with referral

If you did become a physiotherapy referral from your doctor you are welcome to make an appointment in our practice. However, before your first appointment we would suggest you to get in touch with your medical insurance company to make sure that all the therapy costs will be covered.

If you had any problems with the cost coverage for your treatment you will get more important information at

Private patient without referral

For prevention services you do not need a doctor’s referral.

Preventive physiotherapy in the practice Home visit
30 min 28 Euro 33 Euro
45 min 38 Euro 43 Euro
60 min 54 Euro 59 Euro

Fango/Moor * 10 Euro
Infrared lamp * 6 Euro
Heiße Rolle * 8 Euro
Cold / heat pack * 8 Euro

* can be conducted together with the preventive physiotherapy

Massage in the practice home visit
15 min 14 Euro 19 Euro only in connection with the preventive physiotherapy
30 min 23 Euro 28 Euro
45 min 32 Euro 37 Euro

After 10 Massages the 11th is FREE!

Breuß Massage in the practice home visit
25 min 25 Euro 30 Euro

Baby massage Price
5 x 60 min 50 Euro